Thursday, January 13, 2011

4 Islands You Wouldn't Want to Visit

We tend to concentrate on places that sound fantastic to visit, but there are a few islands that don't sound great for romantic getaways. Here are four islands you wouldn't want to visit:

Poveglia Island

Located between Venice and Lido in Italy, Poveglia island has a dark and gruesome history. It was traditionally the place where plague sufferers were exiled (and sometimes murdered), and in the 20th century was reportedly used as a mental asylum. Rumours and myth are hard to distinguish, but no one seems to want to live there and it is still uninhabited today.

Ilha de Queimada Grande

While tropical islands come at a premium and developers fight over building rights for luxury resorts, no one is fighting over the lovely Ilha de Queimada Grande in Brazil, or even trying to go. That's because there's an estimated 4-5 snakes per square metre there. And we're not talking harmless garden snakes, but huge poisonous golden lanceheads.

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Not so much an island as a nightmare, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (also known as the Pacific Trash Vortex) is a mass the size of Texas floating somewhere in the central Pacific Ocean. It is made up entirely of trash brought to a specific point by ocean currents. Heart-breaking images have surfaced of turtles, birds and fish who have died from ingesting the plastic debris.

Izu Islands

Residents of several islands in the Izu archipelago of Japan are required to carry gas masks with them wherever they go. Why? The ever-present volcanic emissions, which give the island the pervading stench of rotten eggs.

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