Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Travel Movie: Mamma Mia!

Millions of people loved the music of ABBA, and the Broadway musical it inspired. So it was not a huge surprise that the big screen movie Mamma Mia! grossed more than $140 million in the US alone.

The film stars the ever-evolving Meryl Streep as Donna, a single mother who owns a hotel on a small island in Greece where her daughter Sophie is about to get married. Unbeknownst to her, Sophie has invited three men, one of whom is her father. The problem is, no one knows who it is!

The film was shot on several greek islands, including Damouchari, Skopelos and Skiathos; so if you want the whole Mamma Mia experience, you'll have to make a few stops! They're worth it though, as you can see from the gorgeous scenery in the film.

Verdict: Buy it (but only if you like ABBA)

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