Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Travel Movie: Seven Years in Tibet

Seven Years in Tibet depicts the relationship between a German mountain climber Heinrich Harrer and the young Dalai Lama, over the period when the Chinese occupation of Tibet began. The 1997 film helped to launch Brad Pitt as a movie star, and the did much to raise awareness of the occupation and what it meant for the Tibetan people.

The Chinese government predictably protested the film, which is very respectful of Tibetan culture and depicts Chinese authorities as arrogant. Pitt was banned from ever travelling to China.

The movie was widely criticised for slow pacing, and glossing over Harrer's past as a Nazi SS officer. Brad Pitt's accent was also listed as the third worst in movie history by Empire. As a travel movie though, we can only complain that most of the footage was actually shot in Argentina. Only 20 minutes of the film is actually showing Tibet. Granted, they had to do that bit secretly.

Verdict: Skip it. (and rent Kundun instead)

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