Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Best and Worst Hotels for Wi-Fi

If there's one thing that we always have to worry about when travelling, it's internet connectivity. While hotels seem to have standardised most amenities (you can pretty much assume you'll have a bed, tv, phone and bathroom), 21st-century needs are tacked on with enormous charges, or sometimes not catered to at all.

A friend who travelled often for work would keep a running tally of how much he paid for in-room internet, and the results were all over the map. At some hotels he basked in the glory of free wi-fi, others charged him up to $20 a day for ADSL connections, and still others simply sent him to hotel hell: the business centre.

With travellers adding gadgets like smart phones, laptops and tablets to their electronic arsenal, free wi-fi has become a near-universal demand in travel. Hopefully hotels will get the message soon.

HotelChatter.com has put together a guide to the best and worst hotel chains for wi-fi.

The best? Hotel Indigo for InterContinental Hotels (free) and Kimpton Hotels (free when you join their free loyalty club).

The worst? Marriott Flagship Hotels (the only Marriott hotels where you have to pay) and W Hotels ($14.95 per day).

Read the rest of the report, which includes city wi-fi reports and international hotels, on HotelChatter.com.

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