Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 of the Best Vegas Wedding Chapels

On average, 315 people get hitched in Las Vegas wedding chapels every day. The Vegas Strip is packed with a daunting array of venues in which to say your vows, so the Word Travels team has investigated which are the most famous, fun and entertaining, just in case any intrepid travel buddies urgently need to get married one night... Here are five of the best Vegas wedding chapels.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

The original home of the Elvis-themed Las Vegas wedding, the Graceland Wedding Chapel has been open since 1927 and performs a whopping 200 weddings per week. The chapel offers a variety of ceremonies ranging from the kitsch and quirky to the more traditional and conservative. Elvis is more than happy to help you write your vows and tends to include gems like “I promise not to treat you like a hound dog” and “I promise to be your hunk of burning love”. Jon Bon Jovi and Billy Ray Cyrus got hitched here.

Tel: (702) 382 0091
Address: 619 Las Vegas Blvd.

The Little White Wedding Chapel

The Little White Wedding Chapel is consistently voted number one in the fiercely contested Vegas wedding chapel ratings. They are open 24 hours, no reservations are required, and they will have you in, out and united for life in under 30 minutes. This king of conveyer belt weddings is a great favorite with celebrities and it has proudly hosted the weddings of Brittany Spears, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Michael Jordan and Joan Collins.

Tel: (800) 545 8111
Address: 1301 Las Vegas Blvd.

Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel

If you yearn for a rock and roll wedding with concert tickets for invitations, guitar picks for rose petals, a KISS member for a minister (impersonator) and a stage with smoke machines for an alter then you are destined for the Hotter Than Hell Wedding Chapel. The KISS themed chapel has costumes for hire including the popular ‘Lady Demon’ wedding gown collection. The chapel seats about 25 people so you can invite some friends to enjoy your rocking nuptials.

Tel: (702) 558 6256
Address: 4503 Paradise Road, Las Vegas

Little Chapel of the Flowers

Renowned for hosting the prettiest Vegas strip weddings, the Little Chapel of the Flowers is situated in grounds featuring flowers, greenery and a waterfall – it just bursts with photo opportunities. This venue offers more elegant and intimate ceremonies than its competitors. As quickie weddings go organizing one here can be a lengthy affair, with full-service wedding planners available to couples for a year before the big bash. Or you can make no plans whatsoever and show up on the day hoping they have space for you.

Tel: (800) 843 2410
Address: 1717 Las Vegas Blvd.

Tunnel of Love Drive-Through

This now famous drive-through wedding venue was originally opened chiefly to accommodate disabled couples opting for a quickie Vegas wedding but people are always drawn to novelty and it rapidly grew in popularity. The Tunnel of Love is an offshoot of the Little White Chapel and can be found at the same venue. All couples must drive through the Tunnel of Vows, which is adorned with murals depicting cherubs and a starry night sky. You can bring your own car (cheaper) or hire one of the flamboyant models on offer at the venue. Bikers welcome!

Tel: (800) 545 8111
Address: 1301 Las Vegas Blvd.

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