Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top 5 Cities for New Year’s Eve Parties

For many people, the New Year's Eve celebrations in New York City are the beginning and end of the story. But there are a number of cities around the world that give the Big Apple a run for her money when ringing in the new year. Here are some of our favourite New Year's Eve parties worldwide:

Brazilians know how to party, and Rio's New Year (Reveillon) celebrations are ranked among the world's biggest extravaganzas. Over two million people head to Copacabana Beach, where revellers in white throw flowers into the sea to mark the passing of the year. There are massive fireworks displays, music concerts, dancing and parties everywhere you look.

Goa’s beachfront trance parties are somewhat legendary in the worldwide party community. Dancers with a lot of stamina groove to psychedelic music under the stars, and may catch a glimpse of famous Bollywood stars as well. Try a glass a fenny, an alcoholic drink made from guava, coconut or cashew nuts.

Prague's Christmas celebrations continue full-tilt into the new year, with Christmas markets in Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square serving up hot food and drinks. You can choose between the elegant New Year's Eve gala ball at the Prague State Opera, or the more rowdy parties in any of the city's bars and pubs. Don't forget to watch the spectacular fireworks displays from Charles Bridge.

Known to some as the 'party capital of the north', Reykjavik really lets loose on New Year's Eve. Icelandic fireworks laws are relaxed for a few days, meaning anyone can set off their own display and the skies are constantly lit up with bright-coloured light flowers, against a backdrop of the spectacular Northern Lights. Other than that, you may encounter friendly bonfires where stories are told, songs are sung, and drinks are shared.

Thousands of minstrels take to the streets in a dazzling display of colourful satin uniforms, shiny parasols, painted faces and foot-tapping banjo tunes that accompany the traditional Cape Malay folk songs. The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival begins in the new year and the festivities continue into January with extravagant street parades; singing, dancing, costume competitions and marches through the streets from the central city area of District Six.

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