Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Top 5 Local Drinks You Have to Try

Everyone knows that in Mexico you drink tequila, in Japan you drink sake, in Greece you drink ouzo, and in Ireland you drink Guinness. But there are other, really interesting drinks that you'll only find in certain places all over the world. Here's our global pub crawl, and top five local drinks you have to try:

Palm Wine (Nigeria)
Made famous by the Fela Kuti song, palm wine (or palm toddy) is made from the sap of various palm trees, which is then fermented. It tastes light and sweet, more like a weak cider (4%) than a wine.

Feni (India)
Popular at trance parties in Goa, feni is a liquor distilled from cashews or coconuts, sometimes with lime or lemon infused. It's a strong drink (42%), with a powerful aroma. Be careful to buy it somewhere reputable.

Lao-Lao (Laos)
This Laotian rice whisky is often called Snake Whiskey or Scorpion Whiskey, depending on which creepy-crawly is inserted into the bottles sold to tourists. It's strong (40-45%), but has a mild vanilla-like flavour that mixes well with fruit juice.

Cacha├ža (Brazil)
The most popular drink in Brazil, which consumes over 1.5 billion litres annually. Distilled from fermented sugarcane, it has a rum-like flavour and a strong kick (up to 54%). It's most popular as a traditional part of the famous caipirinha cocktail.

Palinka (Hungary)
A traditional Hungarian brandy, Palinka is made from a variety of fruits including plums, pears, apricots, apples, and cherries. The strength varies from 40-80%. Locals say it is best drunk as a shot at a temperature warm enough to smell the fruit.


  1. Hi, I already got the wine from but i am now looking for wine or liquor with tarantula or other creatures, do you know where to find ? Thanks a lot.

  2. Hi there, it looks like stocks wine with scorpions as well as snakes. I'm not sure about the tarantulas... not sure I'm brave enough!