Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Top 5 Crazy Hotels in Sweden

I'll admit, this post was going to be worldwide, because there are crazy places everywhere. But as I researched all the wild and wacky accommodation options, I kept seeing Sweden pop up again and again. So in tribute to those crazy Swedes and the odd things they like to sleep in, here are five crazy hotels in Sweden:

There are many copycats, but Sweden’s Ice Hotel is the original. Snuggle up at -5 degrees in sleek, minimalist rooms made completely of ice. They also offer Northern Lights bus trips, ice sculpture carving classes, and weddings.

The rooms at the Tree Hotel aren’t your childhood treehouses. Each unique, they look like bird’s nests, lego houses, mirrored cubes, UFOs, and more. The only things they all have in common is that they’re perched high above the ground in the trees.

Utter Inn
This hotel lets guests sleep underwater after being left in the middle of Lake Malaren. An inflatable canoe is provided for visits to the nearest (uninhabited) island.

For the half of the world (including me) that can’t manage to sleep on flights, Jumbo Stay lets you snooze on a plane anyway. There are 27 rooms and suites including the luxury converted cockpit, and a cafe.

If isolation is what you’re after, then a hotel room 500 feet underground is perfect! The Sala Silvermine Underground Suite combines lavish banquets and furnishings with the stark rock walls of the underground cave its situated in.

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  1. Wow!! Hotels in Sweden are small yet incredible. They are unique and a place worth accommodating. I want to be on Sala Silvermine, this one looks cozy, clean and breath-taking.